About the Team


Sailing is a sport that requires so much more than strength.  An athlete must be physically strong to handle the heavy loads on the sails while remaining flexible and agile enough to quickly respond to changes in pressure or direction of the wind.  Adding complexity to the equation, an athlete must maintain their mental strength to constantly evaluate the wind, the current and the conditions up the racecourse while keeping a close eye on the competition.

The decision to take on a campaign for the Olympics is one that requires commitment, perseverance and determination to perform at your best level possible while constantly working to improve in all areas.  Training, practicing and competing are continual and the ability to raise the funds for the highest level of training and coaching are all key to success in putting on a successful bid for the Games!

David and Arielle are uniquely positioned to rapidly climb the rankings amongst the competitive foiling NACRA17 fleet because of their competitive history, their commitment to success and their unparalleled drive to push further, work harder and never quit until they are on the OLYMPIC podium in Tokyo. With the ability to train right on campus while taking classes at Jacksonville University in Florida, the team can extend their training beyond training camps and warm-ups for regattas and accelerate their performance as they push for ever more flight time around the racecourse in challenging puffy and light conditions.

David and Arielle are both committed to sharing their love of competitive sailing with tomorrows superstars and spend their training down-time coaching youth sailors in Virginia, Ohio and Florida. The techniques they use in teaching competitive tactics and boathandling are the same they use while competing at the highest levels in our sport and give the youth an opportunity to understand the relationship between diet, focused physical conditioning and overcoming obstacles in life and on the racecourse to excel in everything they do while having a blast at the same time!


David Hein and Arielle Darrow are dedicated athletes committed to training full time for the 2020 Olympics and to become #1 in the world at the Games in Tokyo!